Back Garden Completed in 2022

A very contemporary garden using composite decking and Italian porcelain, incorporating softwood slatted screening, oak sleeper raised beds and a decorative gravel. All this was to produce a low maintenance garden where the client didn't have to think about gardening and could just realax and enjoy the space created.

Back Garden Completed in 2021

Back Garden Completed 2019

Back Garden Completed 2019

Back Garden Completed 2019

Back Garden Completed 2018

Back Garden Completed 2017

Back Garden Completed 2017

Back Garden Completed 2016 arrogate


With a compact space, our team of landscape gardeners created a garden with lots of interest. Built in slatted screen raised beds at different heights which tied into the slatted screen fencing. A toughened walk over glass panel was laid flush into the patio with led lighting set in underneath it, and a sculptural centre piece again with lighting. Using a polished sandstone for the patio, this gave a very neat and contemporary feel.

Back Garden Completed 2016


Firstly by replacing a very tired old patio, we re-landscaped the garden and laid a very stylish polished paving stone, giving a very clean appearance. Then removing an existing rockery and replacing that with a raised rendered planter to give the garden a much more modern feel.

 Back Garden Completed 2015


This scheme in Harrogate was to replace an existing patio, re-landscape the space, making it larger to create a bigger entertaining area. 
Using a sawn and polished sandstone this gave a very contemporary feel.
Incorporating the existing pond which was lowered, we then built an Iroko hardwood deck over the top with a stainless steel rill running through it giving a great space just to sit and relax.


Front and Rear Gardens Completed 2015                  

The design was to build a very contemporary low maintenance garden front and back. We implemented some raised beds with some evergreen shrubs, using a cream coloured sawn and polished paving stone, it gave the gardens a very clinical and neat appearance along with a hardwood deck, a grey smoked glass balustrade and cedar a slatted screen.


Rear Courtyard Completed 2015


The clients had a relatively small space with which they wanted a relaxing area with planting and storage, so by adding green oak raised beds and using larger paving stones this gave the sense of height and space but not feeling too cramped.

Also building a bespoke storage area this added style and interest. 

Back Garden Completed 2015


The main design was a patio with built in interest with minimal straight lines on the main shape.

By adding matching stone setts around the outside and laying a circle in the centre of the patio also incorporating stone setts in this, this broke up the vastness of the main area. 

Also by adding a three dimensional structure in one corner, gave the client somewhere to shelter from the sun and the rain with a fully waterproofed cedar shingled roof.

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